A safe place where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency securely at the right price.

    Work with us the way you want.

    Verified fiat providers

    We partner only with the most reliable fiat-to-crypto providers to offer you the best service on the market. We want our users to get in and out of crypto with as little hassle as possible.

    Purchasing token on fingertips

    It’s included a very useful layout purchase token that helps to your contributors, and gives them the ability to purchase tokens and participate in your project.s

    KYC/AML application for individual investors

    For sales of tokens that have KYC/AML verification, the investors need to upload documents. These documents are then verified by us and if all checks out, the investor is free to trade with their and other related details to you for verification.

    Manage profile and See purchase history

    AEvery contributor/investor grants access to their personal profile, adds value, and can view all purchases made from their dashboard.

    Payment methods

    You can purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a credit card,and other fiat services. You can also proceed with the transaction for swapping the coins via a simple QR code scanning.

    Account Security

    Securing assets with a two-factor authentication system provides added protection by requiring users to input their password, as well as a code sent to their email or phone. The code is generated when the user logs into your account.

    Product Specs

    • Set automatic recurring buys and imperceptible price alerts,
    • Withholding processing of a crypto withdrawal request to an approved address
    • Upfront customer support
    • Transaction histories and downloadable account statements

    Our Shares offer

    Name Initial Deposit
    Apple Inc CFD 10%
    Alibaba CFD 10%
    Facebook CFD 10%
    See Full Shares Table

    Referral System:

    The referral program lets you earn a bonus for each friend (“invitee”) who signs up and makes a crypto trade using your personal signup link.